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AC Hampton

Owner & Founder

The journey one innovative E-commerce mentor is taking to propel the e-commerce profession forward.

Ac Hampton, the upincoming superstar and one of the most in-demand mentors in e-commerce, has a story that can resonate across the globe with his inspiring tale. 

The Supreme E-Com brand is a global movement with one goal: empowering 2,000,000 e-commerce entrepreneurs & start-ups to produce and inspire generational wealth.

AC is one of the extremely rare e-commerce mentors. Unlike the "Gurus" you see all over social media, AC actually owns a portfolio of highly profitable business ventures.

AC Hampton has worked with industry-leading companies in various industries, ranging from luxury wine sales, digital marketing, education and e-commerce. AC has helped individuals generate more than $10,000,000 in sales.

While AC continues to grow his companies, his primary focus is on helping other e-commerce entrepreneurs, online businesses and start-ups to live a more sustainable and leveraged business and lifestyle through e-commerce mentoring and equity income.
Over the past 1 year, he’s helped countless new and existing entrepreneurs & online businesses attain higher statuses. AC has also helped them add five-six figures to their annual income by building empires around their industry expertise, personal story, and unique market posture.
AC is best known for his e-commerce mentoring, which is the world’s most advanced system for getting hundreds of customers every single month with proven marketing strategies.
AC is the founder of Supreme Ecom, which is the only high-level mentoring completely designed to maximize the income, status, and prestige for experts and businesses selling products programs & services to clients and customers. The group members are also best known for creating exceptional results and impact for their customers & private clients. E-commerce Mentoring is reserved exclusively for serious e-commerce entrepreneurs.

Ryan Bland

Mentor & Digital Marketing Expert

Ryan Bland an E-Commerce mentor from Dallas, Texas first discovered the world of E-commerce at the start of 2016. Beginning with a shopify dropshipping store, he invested heavily into mentors and online courses, now he successfully sells two private labelled products on the USA marketplace and soon to launch in the European and Australian markets.

Ryan discovered the world of drop shipping in early 2016, after doing a lot of research himself with free content and also investing heavily into courses. Ryan was fortunate enough to have linked up with AC Hampton early in his drop shipping career and has learned from him ever since! Ryan was truly fortunate to discover an authentic and honest mentor early in his journey.

With the help of AC and his extremely valuable YouTube channel, along with Hard Work and most importantly persistence he has had his own success with dropshipping. Currently operating 2 private labelled E-commerce brands and Co-Creator of WifiTalks™️ Podcast, Ryan has now turned to help other new and aspiring E-commerce Entrepreneurs.

Ryan is a very likeable character, he loves building lifelong relationships with his clients and thrives off seeing them succeed by learning from his mistakes and successes. Ryan is determined to help hundreds if not thousands of students set off on their E-Commerce journey on the right foot. He is also determined to assist his students in reaching financial independence through the power of E-commerce.

In his free time, Ryan is a travel enthusiast and has visited over 8 different countries. He enjoys balancing his free time with his trips, family, and his passion for building e-commerce businesses. Ryan hopes that he can pass on his passion for this balanced lifestyle to his aspiring entrepreneurial clients.

Calvin Huynh

Mentor & Digital Marketing Expert

 The e-commerce mentoring specialist Calvin Huynh, based out of Dallas, Texas is in high demand for aspiring owners of e-commerce and dropshipping companies. In the competitive e-commerce scene, he has a distinctive and humbling tale of his journey to grow a successful online business. 

He self-educated himself through numerous Youtube videos, Facebook groups, and purchased a few dropshipping courses at the beginning of Calvin's dropshipping journey. He used his information gained to open several stores through these online resources; he was unable to find success through this path, however. Calvin decided to enroll in the mentorship program of Alex Hampton after months of developing stores that created insufficient sales:

"It was great to learn new marketing techniques and tips for creating a beautiful transformation shop, but the key lesson I took from this mentorship program was a different attitude and approach to running a successful e-commerce company."

-Calvin Huynh

Calvin is now a profitable e-commerce business owner, in comparison to the rough time he endured at the beginning of his journey. His mission is to give back to this wonderful group by helping to achieve their goals and find success for others just like him.

Calvin also spends his time mentoring e-commerce developers while continuing to run his successful stores. Through his peculiar, systematic, and thorough approach to mentoring, Calvin has become a specialist in helping others succeed. He is an easy-going character who loves developing good relationships to create a stronger understanding of the goals they want to achieve with their customers.

In order to deliver a high-level mentoring experience, Calvin is trained by none other than Alex Hampton, and has gained valuable abilities. Calvin has helped several new and current customers kick-start their e-commerce journey in the last few months and create profitable stores.

Calvin loves playing sports, working out, and running stores in his spare time. He understands the balance in life, which is his reason for seeking the financial freedom and independence that comes with running his own e-commerce company. His enthusiasm for sharing this lifestyle is why he is so committed to helping his clients fulfill their goals for entrepreneurship.

Michael Coleman

Mentor & Digital Marketing Expert

Michael Coleman is an e-commerce specialist and successful owner of several online stores. His journey started back in 2018 when he was a senior in college. He had an interest in Marketing and Business management, but resented the idea of working for someone soon after graduating. His mother being a teacher is Michael’s greatest asset; giving him the skills to teach and lead others. 

 As a marketing specialist, he developed the skills of patience and how to identify/solve problems. Coming from humble beginnings, he was once right in your exact shoes; giving him the best qualifications. Michael is a great example of the value of persistency.
After failing with several other stores and other programs, he took another huge leap of faith and invested in the Supreme Ecom Mentorship. Shortly after, he was able to apply his knowledge of business operations and management to AC Strategies and thrived.
Michael best piece of advice: “Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.

Aly Jones

Mentor & Digital Marketing Expert 

Aly Jones is a mentor in e-commerce and has a passion for marketing and continuous learning. Aly struggled in the start of her e-Commerce career, as is the case for many e-Commerce entrepreneurs, but worked hard, stayed consistent and continued learning different techniques to get past that. 

After adopting various systems and being pulled in every which way on how to be a successful E-commerce entrepreneur, she started several stores but struggled to find the success she was looking for.
About ready to give up, Aly gave it one last shot and joined the Supreme Ecom Mentorship, created by AC Hampton, who was knowledgeable and beyond willing to guide her in the right direction after knowing the adversities she was facing.
AC's mentorship helped Aly move past being "stuck" and achieve the success that had eluded her for so long. She is excited about sharing the tools she has learned, so that she can now help others break through that feeling of being "stuck".
Aly believes that consistency will take you further than what you could have ever imagined, and that if you are persistent you will eventually get it, but if you are consistent you will forever keep it!


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