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Incredible, thank you for this AC Hampton. 10x my product research process with Minea. I lost so much money before without it!”
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What if you could find unlimited winning products, 
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Hi, I’m AC Hampton! 👋
Although many may not be familiar with my journey, I persevered through one of the toughest periods of my life, where I found myself without a home and no source of income. Despite these challenges, I remained confident in the idea that e-commerce held the key to my success - I simply needed to discover the right product.
I spent countless hours were meticulously crafting a comprehensive product research and validation checklist, which eventually led me to identify a product that propelled my dropshipping store to generate a staggering 1.9 million dollars within just 6 months! 

This same checklist has since empowered me to teach thousands of eager students how to locate winning products and attain passive income streams through my digital marketing company, Supreme Ecom.

Today, my passion lies in equipping others with the tools and knowledge necessary to establish profitable online ventures, enabling them to experience the transformative effects of e-commerce firsthand


Meet Minea

The best product research
tool ever made

"When it comes to e-commerce, a winning product is everything. That's why Minea is the only product research app you need. It makes finding countless winning products and creatives a breeze, so you can start selling and using them today!

A game changer

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$49 /month
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  • 10,000 research credits
  • Access the biggest Facebook Ads database in the world
  • Influencer marketing data
  • Advanced filters and lists
  • Access to AI generated product lists 
  • Direct Aliexpress supplier research
Premium (-30%)
$99 $69 on the 1st month
Cancel anytime
  • 100,000 research credits
  • The biggest (by far) database of ads & winning products in the world 
  • Facebook Adspy access
  • Pinterest Adspy access
  • Tiktok Adspy acess 
  • Advanced shop marketing strategy analysis
  • Advanced filters and lists
  • AI generated product lists 
  • Direct Aliexpress supplier research
✨  What are credits and how do they work?
Credits are used to perform searches and view detailed information about ads on Minea. They are debited from your account each time you make a search or access ad details. If you do occasional product research, 10000 credits/mo is enough. If you do intensive product research on a daily basis, the premium plan offering 100,000 credits/month would be a better fit (and you won't regret it).
😍How can I find suppliers on Minea?
With our Premium Plan, you can directly search for suppliers on Aliexpress, making the sourcing of products swift and convenient.
🌐 How does Minea help me identify winning products?
Minea allows you to analyze ads and marketing strategies across various networks. If an ad is performing well, it's likely profitable, indicating a winning product. Plus, our AI-generated product lists and sales tracker tools can provide further insights.
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