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How to find winning products
In the Supreme Ecom Mentorship we will show you OUR METHODS of finding winning products, setting up margins for high returning profits and validating the seasonality of trends  
High - converting theme
After years of experience from not only AC Hampton, but his team as well, we have developed a WINNING theme that your customers will love and you can stand behind with pride. Ultimately making you more money. Not only do we provide this WINNING them to you but we include it in the mentorship for absolutely FREE. 
How do I get consistent with Facebook ads?
Just like anything else.. it takes practice. Inside the Supreme Ecom Mentorship we take you step by step, 1 on 1, walking you through your entire journey. Just like the saying goes, "If you can teach a man to fish, he'll never be hungry again." We take this exact ideology and apply it to our mentorship to set you up for success in your dropshipping journey. 
How do I scale my store to 6 or 7 figures?
It all starts with a Mentor + Strategy. Over the last few years we have developed a scaling strategy that helped AC scale his first store to $1.8million within just 8months. This strategy is not for everyone. This is for the action takers that are tired of feeling stuck and are ready to take the leap of faith. It requires hard work, persistence and a winning mindset. With the right attitude and willingness to learn, this strategy can work for you too!
How do I identify reliable suppliers for my business?
Reliability is everything in business. Once established, we have a network of private suppliers all over the world that we actively work with on our own personal businesses that can handle any amount of orders or global shipping resources that you may need.   

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